What is Oxygen Ozone?

Did you know that our ancient atmosphere had twice as much oxygen as it does now? Our bodies are now surviving on half the oxygen than originally planned. No wonder we seem to be more susceptible to disease and sickness. Lack of oxygen in the skin leads to ageing just about as fast as not breathing leads to death.

First of all, let us explain what Ozone is. Oxygen is O2 and Ozone is actually O3. So instead of having two oxygen molecules there are three. Why is that a big deal? Well, that extra molecule falls off and acts as a powerful free radical fighter, then you are left with PURE oxygen for your skin. It has all of the same benefits of oxygen, and more. Without adequate oxygen, life would be a breeding ground for disease-causing viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and all primitive life forms. Anaerobic microbes cannot live in high oxygen concentrations.

The use of ozone (O3) is extremely beneficial because it eliminates pathogens in the body and then, by releasing oxygen (O2), activates the proliferation of fibroblasts and successive healing. In the skin not only does it strongly protect it from external insults, it improves microcirculation, oxygenation, and the energy supply of the cells.

Why do your cells need energy you wonder? because they are consistently renewing themselves, every 28 days give or take, and this is what keeps your skin looking tight, young, and regenerated. As your cells lose energy and their metabolism slows down, they become less efficient at the cellular renewal process, which is one of the main causes of skin ageing.

In Europe, ozone therapy has been used for over 50 years as a common practice amongst doctors. There are over 3,000 medical references in German literature proving the effectiveness and safety of Ozone. Over 10,000 physicians in Europe have used ozone for over 50 years, safely and effectively.
Ozone is a unique agent preserving and restoring the natural beauty and health of the skin. The key difference is that ozone does not just mask the defects of skin but normalises its natural functions and stimulates its own work by increasing the vitality of the skin cell.

It is a revolutionary remedy for rejuvenescence allowing to restore the barrier, immune, water-retaining, reparative, and separative functions of the skin as well as to improve its structure. These properties naturally promote re-epithelialization of the epidermis by helping oxygenate the epidermis. Ozone in skincare is one of the best kept secrets around.

The effectiveness of Ozone has been well established to help benefit problems such as acne, abrasions, and skin inflammation.

The word “Ozone” in Hebrew means “Breath of Life”

• Purification
• Oxygenation
• Supplying energy to epidermis
• Fine lines
• Acne vulgaris
• Cellulite reduction
• The protection and balance of the natural moisture factor of the skin
• Tone, texture, and elasticity of skin

Oxygen Ozone is a beauty treatment that combines ozone and oxygen ions to oxygenate the skin and improve its overall appearance. To briefly summarize, Oxygen Ozone provides the following benefits to the skin:

1. Detoxifies the skin
When cells are deprived of oxygen, they become unable to perform the detoxification process. An infusion of enriched oxygen molecules into the skin cleanses the toxins, impurities, and pollutants away on a cellular level.
This allows ozone to negate the effects of pollution and to eliminate excess carbon dioxide piled up in the skin.

2. Treats uneven skin tone
When skin is not properly oxygenated, its metabolism slows down which leads to a dull skin complexion and uneven skin tone.
An obvious by-product of skin detoxification through Oxygen Ozone is the removal of dead skin cells and waste build-up on the surface. This brightens and balances the skin complexion and makes the skin more luminous.

3. Speeds up cell turnover
Through Oxygen Ozone, an extra dose of oxygen is introduced to your skin cells which leads to an increased rate of cell production, growth, and regeneration. The faster the pace of cell turnover, the quicker the healing process of facial blemishes, wounds, or scars.

4. Stimulates elastin and collagen production
Collagen and elastin are both naturally-occurring protein fibres found in connective tissues all over the human body. While the former ensures elasticity, flexibility, and hydration of the skin, the latter is responsible for enabling the skin to return into its original shape after being stretched, poked, or pinched.

As we age, collagen and elastin are produced at a slower rate which eventually alters the skin structure, hence, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
Oxygen Ozone boosts the ability of cells to produce collagen and elastin which can help to soften wrinkles and fine lines, to tighten or firm the skin, and to slow down the ageing process.

5. Mitigates acne
As oxygen travels onto the skin’s surface, it kills pimple-causing bacteria while minimizing redness or inflammation which ultimately leads to a reduction of potential breakouts in the future. Furthermore, it shrinks the pores which reduce the possibility of oil clogging and dirt accumulation on the skin.

6. Infuses moisture and hydration
Constant exposure to the sun’s UV rays and environmental pollution as well as an unhealthy lifestyle can all rob your skin of its natural moisture and hydration content.

Oxygen Ozone not only cleanses and protects the skin but also improves its moisture and hydration levels while restoring its pH balance that can banish away dryness and dullness.

7. Lends your skin a natural glow
Because dead skin cells are removed, pores are unclogged, and there is an abundance of oxygen in the skin, Oxygen Ozone can make your skin looking dewy, youthful, and super radiant.

8. Instant results
Although the effectiveness of Oxygen Ozone may vary depending on age, skin type, and issues to be dealt with, this skincare treatment has the ability to implant visible smoothness, brightness, and freshness to the skin immediately after use.

The benefits of ozone have only been achievable in recent years through Ozone therapy, until Dr. Roberto Albertelli invented a machine that produces a perfect balance of stabilised Oxygen Ozone ions. This unique gel has been formulated with added actives to produce the L’Ossigeno (Italian for ‘The Oxygen”) skincare collection.

The entire collection uses Oxygen Ozone as the core ingredient, which is not only naturally anti-bacterial and extremely beneficial to fight the signs of ageing in the skin, it also makes the skin highly receptive to other active ingredients present in the products.

This cosmetic discovery is patented, innovative technology which sits at the forefront of skincare science. The Oxygen Ozone combination reactivates the cellular mitochondrial system and has been tested and proven at the University of Pisa to increase cellular activity by 300%.