Dr. Roberto Albertelli's unique products have combined science and medicine with technology, stunning dermatologists worldwide. His Cellular Oxygenation philosophy has revolutionised the skincare industry.


The Secret of Oxygen Ozone was developed in Forte Dei Marmi in Tuscany, Italy by Dr. Maria Stella Derlin, a cosmetic doctor who specialises in non-invasive treatments and anti-ageing skincare and Dr Roberto Albertelli, who spent over twenty years in the design of electro medical machines for the oxygenation of the cells. Together, they worked, studied, and researched the effect of antioxidant treatments.
After years of research and innumerable experiments, Dr. Albertelli was able to create and patent a device by adapting technology from his famous machines for producing Oxygen Ozone, to produce a unique stabilised mixture of Oxygen Ozone. The formula stabilises ionised Oxygen & Ozone to directly give the skin cells oxygen and remarkable protection from oxidative stress, induced by ageing and environmental agents. The cosmetic discovery bypasses the natural oxygenation process, supplying the necessary oxygen directly to the skin cells to improve cellular vitality.
Thanks to its negative electric charge, L'Ossigeno is able to penetrate through all five layers of the skin, nourishing cells with immediate nutrients and energy. 

Offer each person unique and high quality cosmetic products, to confer the gift of beauty by transforming dreams into reality, no matter age, colour or gender.


Building on his franchise of Oxygen clinics throughout Italy, Dr. Roberto Albertelli launched a full skin care range in 2018. The Complete L'Ossigeno Cosmetics Line is formulated for those who yearn for an uncomplicated, yet extremely effective anti-ageing skincare regime that provides hydration, nutrition, and cellular regeneration.

At L'Ossigeno, we represent the credibility of innovation without the use of toxic, harmful, or aggressive ingredients in our products. The entire L'Ossigeno line has a reduced amount of ingredients compared to products commonly found on the market, including fewer preservatives and disinfectants thanks to the natural antibacterial function of Oxygen Ozone. We use advanced technology and science to formulate ingredients that are healthy, safe, innovative, and nurturing.

L'Ossigeno products contain high concentration active ingredients to regenerate and heal the skin on a cellular level. We do not use substances and ingredients that are both unnecessary for the skin and may promote inflammation, including artificial fragrance, color, parabens, micro plastics, and aggressive preservatives. We also never test on animals.