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Always step one in any routine, unless you enjoy rubbing dirt into your pores? Our water based cleanser is tough enough to clear off your waterproof make-up but smooth enough to nourish even the most sensitive skin without causing any sensitivity. Enriched with Oxygen Ozone & Hyaluronic Acid, this cleanser will not only clean, but it will make your skin much more receptable to your skincare routine than any other cleanser.


It's Anti-Ageing & Pore Reducing time.

Oxygen Ozone is a unique and very powerful anti-ageing formula that has no preservatives, no parabens, and is basically pure ionised oxygen atoms that will boost your cellular turnover without giving any nasties to worry about. The Wrinkle Defence Treatment will minimise the size of your pores and reduces fine lines within a week. The fast absorption formulation gives a feeling of immediate freshness and you will feel your skin tighten immediately after applying.


Hydrate & Soften.

Last but certaitly not least, finish your routine with this soothing Anti-Ageing Cellular Renewal Cream. The active ingredients and vitamins within its formulation provide the skin with nourishment and moisturisation to reduce oxidative stress caused by external agents. Your skin will feel hydrated and soft without feeling greasy.


Reconstruct & Renew

In the evening, give the skin the necessary nutrients and hydration to repair the damages caused by exposure to external agents during the day. While sleeping, this cream stimulates cellular turnover, purifies the skin regulating the production of sebum, and contributes to the progressive lightening of spots caused by UV rays or excessive sun exposure. The skin wakes up glowing, nourished, and healthy-looking.


Exfoliate & Replenish

Once to Twice a week exfoliate those pores with this moisturising and soothing cream combined with fine Carrara marble powder from Tuscany. With a gentle massage, it produces a mechanical exfoliating action by removing dead cells and stimulating the skin's natural renewal process.